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A clean bottom is a



Feel fresh and clean anywhere, anytime. The Rawash is a hand held portable bidet sprayer that’s a sustainable, smart solution to doing your business

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Clean up your bathroom routine

Toilet Paper

You wouldn’t wash your hands with a piece of paper. Toilet paper has existed for hundreds of years, yet has hardly changed. It’s ineffective, and super tough on the environment.

Wet Wipes

A step up from toilet paper, but even tougher on the environment, wet wipesare a no-go. Even though they claim to be flushable, wet wipes can take decades to break down, and clog sewage plants around the world.

Bidet Toilet Seat

Inaccessible and difficult to install, bidet toilet seats are great but unrealistic. On top of that, they’re only used on one toilet; you don’t go in just one place, do you?


Time to go green and save


Great design for a cleaner backside

The world best bidet sprayer

Get fresh and cleanse effortlessly, while reducing your environmental impact on a daily basis by more than 50% of your toilet paper usage!


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Rawash by Aynola

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While getting you fresh, the Rawash reduces your waste, and makes doing your business easy. The Rawash is a bidet that you control; it’s easy to store, fill, and super easy to use. With a sleek design and carrying pouch, you can take Rawash with you and use it anywhere – no installation required.

118 SAR 139 SAR

VAT included

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