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139 SAR

While getting you fresh, the Rawash reduces your waste, and makes doing your business easy. The Rawash is a bidet that you control; it’s easy to store, fill, and super easy to use.
With a sleek design and carrying pouch, you can take Rawash with you and use it anywhere – no installation required.
  • 1x Single
  • 5%
    2x Friends pack
  • 15%
    4x Family pack

Rawash Bidet Kit Includes:

How to use RAWASH

Put the silicone pipe into any water source/ bottle
Connect the silicone pipe to the device
press switch button to start pumping water, press again to stop


16 reviews for Rawash by Aynola

  1. Steve Allemann

    Even though a little bit pricey, It works fine at home. I will definitely bring it with me when I have a travel plan. I think this kind of washlet is way better than toilet tissue. It keeps you clean and it is better for hemorrhoids.

  2. Mike Webber

    Very easy to use and does not leak all over like other handhelds I have used. Water has just the right amount of force for a thorough clean. Well made, compact and attractive.

  3. Jessica Wang

    Easy and quick to get “ready.” It’s effective and discreet and feels so much better than paper alone. Also great for just “freshening” up. Very happy with it.

  4. Sarah

    This changed my life today
    No TP or wet one’s needed !
    If anyone suffers from this problem you know how terrible it is continually wiping and wasting paper to just get clean enough to junk in shower
    Well this little guy cleaned me completely after two fills of water
    Make sure you use from behind for texting cleaning.
    This is going to change my daily routine around by 100%

  5. Justin B.

    Highly recommend it!

  6. AG

    It does what it says!

  7. Megan

    So, I got the Rawash because I had heard great things about it. I was always curious about a bidet, and the idea of not having to attach it to anything was great. It took some getting used to, but now I love it. I used to use wipes, but now I can never go back

  8. Scott Hildebrandt

    My butthole has never been more sparkling.

  9. Alex

    I love it so far.

  10. Faisal Yaseen

    Wow. This bidet is INCREDIBLE!

  11. Daniel Mitri

    Pleased, Recommend it.

  12. Cody

    I have always found toilet paper alone an unsatisfying bottom cleaning process. Water cleaning makes me feel fresher and cleaner, and I like this feeling. This product is making it as easy as possible to clean myself properly. I enjoy my restroom time “Judge me I don’t care” and Rawash makes it better for me. Totally worth the $…

  13. salem

    It’s a good product

  14. fareed aqili

    fantastic. long time we are looking fo such product.Great

  15. Saleh Alsaleh

    Good product

  16. Abdulaziz Alazemi


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